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Whether it's a digital home for your new business idea, established company, non-profit organization, or personal pages (think blog, wedding, baby, travel, family photo albums, creative arts...), here at Blaze we can help you find and register the right domain name for your web site. Owning a name that matches your business or personal space on the web is crucial to a tech-savvy, professional appearance, and helps your customers or followers easily find you online. For tips on registering the ideal domain name, visit our FAQ page.

Blaze has been a trusted domain registration service provider for over 15 years. When you buy a domain through us, you can be sure that you own the name outright, and retain all rights to its use for the duration of the registration period. Please see terms and conditions in our Domain Registration Agreement.

Domain registration and renewal prices:

We offer some convenient registration options to help you save money and ensure you will have your domain for years to come. Choose the price package that is right for you:

.com .net .org .biz .info and .us domains:

  • 1 year for $17.50 CAD
  • 2 years for $32.50 CAD - save $2.50
  • 5 years for $75.00 CAD - save $12.50
  • 10 years for $140.00 CAD - save $35!

.co domains (.com already taken? Get the newer .co extension instead!):

  • 1 year for $45.00 CAD
  • 2 years for $80.00 CAD - save $10
  • 5 years for $160.00 CAD - save $65!

.ca domains:

  • 1 year for $35.00 CAD
  • 2 years for $65.00 CAD - save $5
  • 5 years for $150.00 CAD - save $25
  • 10 years for $250.00 CAD - save $100!,,,,, and domains:

  • 2 years for $40.00 CAD

All prices exclude any applicable PST (7%) and/or GST (5%).  PST applies only to residents of British Columbia. GST applies only to residents of Canada.

To see which domain names are available, visit our domain store.

When you register a new domain, you'll be sent information via the registrar including a username and password, which are needed to update your registry file and make DNS changes. Always retain a copy of this information for your records. To update your registry file or DNS at any time, please visit our domain management page.

Please note: It is essential that you keep your registry information up to date - particularly the administrative contact and billing contact email addresses. Automated renewal reminders are sent 90-, 60-, and 30-days prior to, as well as 3 days after, the expiry date. If the listed email addresses are invalid, you won't receive the reminder emails, and you risk losing your domain name.

Renewing your domain before the expiry date:

To renew your domain name, simply respond to the automated renewal reminder you receive by email (or send a new message to or, mentioning the domain name(s) and requesting the desired number of years. We'll respond with an invoice, and as soon as the fee is paid, we'll complete the renewal. The renewal year starts from the original expiry date, no matter when you renew your domain. So renew early to be on the safe side!  Renewal prices are listed above.

Renewing an expired domain:

It is still possible to renew most domain names with Blaze at no additional charge (besides the renewal charge) for 30 days after the expiry date. If you neglect to request a renewal, after the 30-day grace period, your domain may either pass into a registry-imposed redemption period in which it will cost an additional $150 CAD to redeem it, or the registrar may decide to put the domain up for auction. 

Please note that once the domain passes the post-expiry grace period, we have no further control over the domain and it becomes either difficult or impossible for you to retain ownership. Thus, as you can see, IT IS IMPERATIVE that you keep your domain records up to date, and, if you wish to keep the domain, that you renew it on time, or ideally well before the expiry date. (Please note that even if a domain is renewed months before the expiry date, or days after, a full year is given starting from the expiry date, so no funds are saved or gained by renewing late).

Managing your domain (updating registry contact info, changing DNS, etc):

Remember, is the sole responsibility of you, the domain owner, to ensure your contact information is kept up to date, as stated in our Domain Registration Agreement.

To update your registry file at any time, including the DNS (domain name servers), please visit our domain management page. You will be prompted for the username and password that was provided to you via email at the time of registration. If you need any help, please email - we're happy to assist you!