• What is the dial-up number for Blaze?
  • 604-899-8995
  • What are the names/addresses of the Blaze servers?
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Mail server,
SMTP server,
POP server

POP username,
SMTP username
POP account username@blaze.ca
Primary Nameserver
Secondary Nameserver
News server news.blaze.ca
username is also known as your login name, this was provided to you by your Blaze Telecommunications Inc. service representative.

  • How can I post files to my web site?
    Check out our Website HowTo.
  • How can I pay for my access during a postal strike? Check out our payment methods.
  • How do I transfer my domain name to your servers?
    You will need to answer a few technical questions about name servers:
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Primary Server Hostname flame.blaze.ca
Primary Server Netaddress
Secondary Server Hostname spark.blaze.ca
Secondary Server Netaddress